Here Are 5 Best Cloud Hosting Providers for Small Businesses

Cloud hosting is a service that allows entrepreneurs to host their web via multiple connected servers that comprise a cloud. These services will help you perform essential tasks on your website. They will help you manage your data. Maintaining your business data is vital as you will not lose any business information. With cloud hosting services, your site will have a higher loading speed which will enhance customers’ experience.
Also, it can provide your site with seamless scalability which will enable it to adapt to various changes in traffic levels. For instance, if the number of customers and sales increase, your site will handle a large amount of work without crashing. There are many cloud hosting providers, but not all will offer the best services to your website. Here are the best:

Cloud Hosting


HostGator is among the best cloud hosting providers that provide services at an affordable price as compared to other providers. It offers the best scalability performance to enable your website to handle a massive amount of work. Also, you will not have worries about losing essential data as HostGator will manage them. To achieve this, it has three copies of your data mirrored in the cloud.

This provider will fasten the speed of your website and offer SSL ( Secure Socket Layers) to your site. With this, you will protect your customers’ sensitive data. The good thing with HostGator is that it will provide you with unlimited storage and bandwidth which will enable you to store a large amount of data. Also, you will get 24/7 customer support.


Another cheap cloud hosting provider is the blue host. This provider will allow you to add additional resources depending on your needs. The best thing about BlueHost is the integrated Caching it offers. With this, your site will load faster. As you know, no customer will wait for your site to load for hours. In this case, they can leave your site and try another. Also, BlueHost will provide you with one free domain name. Read more on how to have free and unlimited features from your hosting provider.

With BlueHost, you will have an automated migration which will allow you to shift your existing site to a secure server.


If you are a starter, DreamHost could be the best for you. It will offer you an opportunity to start with their shared hosting which will provide you with a free domain name registration. If you already have a website, you can easily shift it to their servers. This cloud hosting provider will offer you a variety of storage options which are fully scalable. Also, it offers a free unlimited bandwidth to allow you to secure a lot of information. In case you encounter a problem, DreamHost has reliable customer support which will provide you with positive feedbacks.

A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting is a higher performance cloud hosting provider which is a bit expensive as compared to others. At some point, you don’t have to consider the price to choose a hosting provider. You can look at the services the provider will offer to your site. A2 Hosting has almost every feature a business website needs to run successfully. It comes with a unique feature which will allow you to configure your cloud hosting. In this way, you will only pay for what you use.


GoDaddy is an affordable cloud hosting provider that will offer you with 30 days free trial. However, it has an expensive plan of $80 per month. With GoDaddy, you will not have worries of losing your business data as this provider will securely back them up into the cloud. Setting up your website using GoDaddy will only take a few minutes as this provider has a user-friendly interface. Also, it will offer maximum security to your site. Hence, you don’t have to worry about encountering losses.