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Revealed: 3 Best Free DNS Hosting Providers

The use of the internet is gaining popularity. Many customers are browsing the internet to search for the best deals online. With this, you need to ensure that they will find your site with ease. DNS server will help you manage the database and convert your domain name to IP address. This address will enhance the productivity of your business as it will offer a high level of security to your site and drive traffic.

There are DNS hosting providers that will spread your website across servers in separate locations. Some are free, and others charge a high amount of money. Here are 3best DNS free hosting providers:


CloudFlare is the largest DNS hosting provider. It is free with top-rated services. It offers speed services that will make your site load fast. With this, you will enhance customers’ experience as they will not spend hours waiting for it to finish loading. Security is another feature that you will find in CloudFlare DNS hosting provider. The features prevent hackers from targeting your site. With this, you will not lose valuable data and encounter losses. However, this provider cannot offer you with total control of your site. Hence, if you prefer taking control of your website, this provider could not be the best for you.

The good thing about CloudFlare is that you can go for advanced services at an affordable price. You can pay a pro plan of $20 per month and business plan of $ 200 a month. With this, you can enhance the functionality of your business.


Another great DNS hosting provider is the Dynu. This provider will offer you a forever free plan. Apart from hosting your website, Dnyu offers other great benefits. It will provide you with analytic services that will enhance your site performance. Also, it can provide you with with 4 domain names, 4 subdomains, 4 custom DNS records, and offline settings. However, if you want more domain names and advanced services, you can pay $ 35 per month.


Are you looking for a DNS hosting provider with powerful filters? If yes, you need to give NS1 a priority. This DNS hosting provider offers you an opportunity to customize your DNS using these filters. The good thing about this provider is enhancing your site loading speed. With NS1, you will get 50 DNS records and 1 filter chain.


There are many DNS providers with different features. Hence, you need to implement a multiple DNS servers set up to enhance your business functionality.

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